Split ME Functionality

The Split ME functionality allows you to take advantage of the configurable program outputs feature to create two semi-independent MEs (Program A and Program B) in a single ME.The A-side and B-side can be transitioned independently using the PGM A and PGM B buttons on the Transition module.

Keep the following in mind:

Keep the following in mind when working with a split ME.

  • Sources selected on the background and preset buses of the A-side or B-side are independent of each other.
  • You can transition the A-side separately, the B-side separately, or both together.
  • Keys are independent of the A-side or B-side and appear in the output of either side depending on whether they are included in the configurable program output.
  • The A-side and B-side can have different ME transition rates. If both sides are selected and a transition is performed, the A-side and B-side will use their set transition rates.
  • If the A-side and B-side are both performing a sequence they must start transitioning at the same time.
  • Both the A-side and B-side tally independently when re-entered on-air. However, only the A-side can tally sources selected on it.