Memory Functions

A memory register is a snapshot of the current state of the switcher that can include multiple MEs. Up to 1,000 memory registers per ME can be stored and recalled on the switcher. Each of these memory registers can store as little as the information of one ME, or as much as the current state of the entire switcher, including all MEs, Aux Buses, and DVE settings.

Keep the following in mind when working with memories:

  • Memories are stored in groups, or banks, that correspond to the first two numbers in the memory. For example, Memory039 is Memory 9 in Bank 03. The available slots for memories range from Memory 0 on Bank 00 through to Memory 9 on Bank 99.
  • You can override the video source stored in a memory by pressing and holding a source button and recalling the memory (Bus Hold). The held source button overrides the source that is recalled with the memory for that bus. The memory is not affected by a Bus Hold and will recall properly without the Bus Hold.
  • The Keys Only (KEYS ONLY) button allows you to recall a memory on a panel row that does not include the Program and Preset bus selection. Only the keyer selections are recalled. The Global-Store image selections stored in the memory are not loaded if the Recall Global-Store personality option is set to Attribute.
  • The Effects Dissolve (EFF DISS) button allows you to have the keys from one memory slew into the keys from the one you are recalling.
  • The +4 buttons allows you to select an ME above ME 4. When the +4 button is toggled on, the ME 1 through ME 4 buttons become ME 5 through ME 8 buttons, respectively. For example, if you want to select ME 6, toggle the +4 button on, and press ME 2. Both the ME 2 and +4 buttons will remain lit.
  • The Undo (UNDO) button allows you to take back, or undo, the last memory recall. This returns the switcher to the state it was in prior to the last memory recall. The Undo button lights up after each memory recall, indicating that the action can be undone. If you perform 10 or more button presses after the memory recall, the Undo button goes out, and the memory can no longer be recalled.
  • The Attributes (ATTRIB) button allows you to view the ME Memory Attributes menu, or override the attributes stored with the memory. To override attributes, press and hold the ATTRIB button while recalling the memory.
  • The Recall Empty Memory personality option can prevent memories that are empty, deleted, or marked as Don't Recall from being recalled.