DVE Wipes

A DVE wipe is based on a sequence that uses a combination of flying keys and effects to transition between video signals. For a Background transition, the video signal on the Background bus is replaced by the video signal on the Preset bus according to the sequence. Only after the transition has completed do the crosspoint selection flip-flop between the buses.

Figure: DVE Wipes

DVE wipes can either be created from sequences, or you can use one of the pre-created sequences and wipes provided with your switcher software. The sequences and wipes are pre-installed when you purchase a new switcher.

To load new sequences unto your switcher, you must copy the wipes from the CD to a USB flash drive and then recall the sequences on your switcher.

The sequence is selected either through the Pattern Selection Menu, or by entering the sequence number on the keypad.

Keep the following in mind when working with DVE wipes:

  • The switcher dynamically allocates DVE channel resources to produce the wipe effect. If there are not enough channel resources available, a dissolve is performed instead.
  • There is a single frame of delay at the start of DVE transitions.