Performing Transitions

What you can include in the transition, and the type of transition you can perform, depend on the number of media resources you have, and if you are performing a background and keyer transition at the same time.

Keep the following in mind when performing transitions:

  • The PGM A and PGM B buttons on the transition module select which configurable program output the transition module and source buses are assigned to.
  • The Program B program and preset buses use the Utility 1 and Utility 2 outputs.
  • If the fader is moved during an auto transition, control of the transition is passed to the fader. You must complete the transition with the fader. This allows you to override any auto transition in progress with the fader.
  • A key only transition can be performed by pressing the KEY CUT or KEY AUTO button for the key you want to transition.
  • Double-press the BKGD button to select the background and all on-air keys. The BKGD Double Press option must be turned on.
  • The time duration of a transition will vary, depending on the video format the switcher is operating in. Transition rates are set in frames, not seconds.
  • If there are not enough resources available to perform a transition, a dissolve is performed instead.
  • The Program Out BNC is only fed from the Program/Preset ME. Any other ME will have to be re-entered into the Program ME to be part of the program output.
  • If the auto transition includes both a background and a keyer, the ME Rate is used for the transition.