Media-Store allows you to load stills or animations from the hard drive and make them available as a source on the switcher. The switcher provides two types of media-store, ME-Store and Global-Store.

The Global-Store consists of three dedicated channels of media-store that are available as inputs to all MEs and Aux Buses of the switcher. A fourth channel of Global-Store can be enabled from the Personality menu. All channels can be used independently, or two can be tied together to provide separate fill and alpha channels. The 4 Gigabytes of Global-Store cache is provided from Frame CPU board.

The ME-Store option consists of four channels of media-store that are available as inputs to the ME they have been installed for and can be re-entered onto any other ME in the switcher. Each ME can have four independent channels of ME-Store. The 8 Gigabytes of ME-Store cache is provided from the 3G Video Processor board.

Keep the following in mind when you are using the Media-Store:

  • If you know the number of the still you want to load, you can select the crosspoint button mapped to the still-store channel on the ME, and then enter the still number on the keypad on the Global Memory module.
  • You can clear the still currently loaded into a channel by selecting 0 as the still number you load from the keypad on the Global Memory module. This is the same as pressing the Eject button.
  • If you are loading an Auto Key (PNG or TGA with alpha) into a media-store channel, you must have another media-store channel associated with the current one to load the alpha into.
  • Corrupt files are shown with the warning Not a valid image format and should be deleted from the switcher.
  • Using a third-party application to upload, edit, or move media items or directories on the switcher can cause the permissions to those files or directories to be set incorrectly. Use the Media-Store Permissions feature from the Web UI to clean the permissions.