Independent Key Transitions

Keys can be transitioned independently using the dedicated key transition buttons on the Keyers Module. This allows you to dissolve keys on/off-air while the fader is off-limit, or an Auto Transition is in progress from the Transition Module.

Keep the following in mind:

Keep the following in mind when performing independent key transitions:

  • Only dissolves or cuts can be used for an independent key transition.
  • If the key is part of the next transition, the key will be dissolved off-air and is removed from the next transition. This applies even if the key was not on-air.
  • Independent key transitions are performed at the key rate, and not the ME rate.
  • Each keyer has an independent key rate.
  • The independent key transitions feature is not compatible with OverDrive® and is disabled when Editor is enabled.
  • Independent key transitions do not apply to Mix/DSK keys.