Working in 3D Space

The 3D DVE operates by manipulating DVE keys, or individual channels, in 3-dimensional space. This allows you to position keys in front of, or behind, other keys, and make keys appear larger (closer to you) or smaller (further from you) than they are.

A 3D DVE key can be positioned anywhere in the virtual 3D world; however, it is only visible on screen if it is within the visible area. This allows you to perform transition effects where the key appears to fly in from one side. The key is being taken from a position outside of the visible area into the visible area.

Figure: 3D Space

Tip: Most key types require two channel of DVE resources to fly the key. One channel for the fill and another channel for the alpha. A preset pattern key is the only key type that only requires a single channel to fly the key. This allows you to fly two channels of DVE in a single key.