Details Menus


Click the Detail Menu tab and click Detail

Item Settings
Level (detail level) -128 to 127
H Gain (horizontal gain) -128 to 127
V Gain (vertical gain) -128 to 127
H Crisp (horizontal crispness) -128 to 127
V Crisp (vertical crispness) -128 to 127
Level Depth -128 to 127
Detail Frequency (boost frequency of detail) 13MHz to 19MHz
Detail On, Off
D Knee White -128 to 127
D Knee Black -128 to 127
Detail Knee On, Off
P/N Balance (positive/negative) 4/8, 5/8, 6/8, 8/8, 8/6, 8/5, 8/4
Knee Detail -128 to 127
DTL Source G, R+G, R+G+B

Skin Detail

Click the Detail Menu tab and click Skin Detail

Item Settings
Ch Select (channel select for skin tone detail) 1ch, 2ch, 1ch+2ch
Ch1 Auto Phase/Ch2 Auto Phase (see note*)
ChX Level (skin tone detail level) -128 to 127
ChX Phase (skin tone detail phase) -128 to 127 (R-Mg, Mg-B, B-Cy, Cy-G, G-Ye, Ye-R)
ChX Width (skin tone detail phase range) -128 to 127
Threshold -128 to 127
Skin Detail On, Off
Skin Gate (skin tone detail gate) On, Off
Gate Ind 1ch, 2ch
Zoom Depend (skin tone zoom dependent) (AC-H200-UCHR only) On, Off
Sens (AC-H200-UCHR only) 0 to 99
Range (AC-H200-UCHR only) 0 to 99
Note: * When you select ChX Auto Phase a marker is shown on the monitor. Move the camera to place the marker over the skin tone you want to detect and press Set. This functionality can also be accessed from the AUTO SETUP menu.

High Chroma

Click the Detail Menu tab and click High Chroma

Item Settings
Red (detail in high-chrominance red) -128 to 127
Green (detail in high-chrominance green) -128 to 127
Blue (detail in high-chrominance blue) -128 to 127
High Chroma On, Off