To Set Up DashBoard Tallies

The Tally Service in DashBoard can be used to tally your camera using the TSL protocol. The TSL signal with a tally id is sent to DashBoard which interprets the signal and tallies the camera with that tally id.

  1. Set up the switcher to send TSL data to DashBoard. For complete setup information, refer to the TSL device setup sheet for your switcher.
    • Carbonite — select the following:
      1. Add the TSLUMD_1.0 device
      2. Set the IP address of the DashBoard computer.
      3. Set the port number (Port) on DashBoard that is set to listen for TSL data.
      4. Set the ethernet transport type (Transport) to UDP or TCP depending on how it is set in DashBoard.
    • Acuity™ — select the following:
      1. Set a port to Network TCP.
      2. Add a Serial Tally/TSL Out device.
      3. Select Client and set the IP address (Remote IP Address) of DashBoard and the port number (Remote Port) on DashBoard that is set to listen for TSL data.
  2. Launch DashBoard and open the Basic Tree View.
  3. Under the Ross Video Acid Camera node double-click Remote Control for the camera you want to set up the tally for.
  4. In the Tally ID field enter the tally number for this particular camera.
    Important: The tally ID is fixed on the switcher for the input BNC that the camera is connected to. Refer to the TSL device setup sheet for your switcher for a table of the tally ID number for each input.
  5. Repeat these steps for any additional camera you want to tally.
  6. Under the DashBoard Services node double-click Tally.
  7. Click Configuration and turn on the TSL protocol that your switcher is using.
    • Acuity™ — turn on TSL UMD 5.0 (UDP)
    • Carbonite — turn on TSL UMD 3.1 (UDP) or TSL UMD 3.1 (TCP), depending on which ethernet transport you selected when setting up Carbonite.