To Adjust the Black Balance

The Black Balance (BB) is similar to white balance except that it is performed on black instead of white.

Note: You should adjust the white balance both before and after adjusting the black balance. Black balance should be adjusted when the camera has been idle for an extended period of time, there is a large change in ambient temperature, or when the gamma setting has changed.
  1. Ensure that the filtering is set for the current lighting conditions.
  2. With the menu system off, press and hold the R button for 2 seconds.

    The lens iris will close and the camera will adjust the black balance automatically over several seconds. When the adjustment is complete the display will show the results of the black balance adjustment. Refer to Table 1 for a list of messages.

  3. Take any corrective action and repeat the procedure if required.
Table 1. Auto Black Balance Adjustment Results
Message Cause Correction
AUTO BLACK: OK Auto black balance was successful. --
AUTO BLACK: NG CHANGE TO CAM TRY AGAIN Camera is outputting color bars. Press the D button to turn off color bars.
AUTO BLACK: NG IRIS NOT CLOSED TRY AGAIN The iris is not closed. If manual iris control is being used, adjust the iris to fully closed. The camera will adjust the gain automatically during the test. Flicker or noise may appear on screen during the adjustment, this is normal.
AUTO BLACK: NG ??? TRY AGAIN Range is exceeded, cannot adjust. Check the lens cable connection. If the cable is correct there is a fault in the lens or the camera. Contact technical support.