To Set the Serial Communication Mode (AC-Z50-UCHR only)

Hazardous voltages are present in this device as long as any of the power supplies are connected to the AC power.
Note: Static discharge can cause serious damage to sensitive semiconductor devices. Avoid handling the circuit boards in high static environments such as carpeted areas and when synthetic fiber clothing is worn. Touch the outer frame to dissipate static charge before removing boards and exercise proper grounding precautions when working on circuit boards.
  1. Power off the camera.
  2. Remove the screws securing the side plate and remove the plate.
  3. Remove the CPU and POWER boards and place them on a clean, static-free surface.
  4. Locate the RS-232 / RU switch on the rear board next to the fan.
  5. Select RS-232 (up) or RU (down) for the serial communication mode you want to use.
  6. Re-install the CPU and POWER boards and secure the side plate back onto the side of the camera.