To Set the Play List Auto-fill

Clips will be automatically appended to a Play List with the same name as the clip.

If the name of the clip contains any words that are the same as a Play List name, the clip will be appended to those Play Lists. For example, if you have Play Lists named GOAL and REVIEW, any clip that has goal in the name is automatically appended to the GOAL Play List and any clip that has review in the name is automatically appended to the REVIEW Play List. If the clip have both goal and review in the name, it is appended to both Play Lists.

Tip: If the Play List does not have a name, the number is used instead.
  1. Press MARK + SCROLL.

    The User Setup menu opens.

  2. Use the up and down arrows, or the rotary dial, to select PLAYLIST Auto-Fill based on Clip Name.
  3. Press TOGGLE (4) to toggle this feature on or off.
  4. Press MARK + SCROLL again to close the menu.