DVE Keys (Fly Key)

The Fly Key function is used to apply DVE video effects to a key. The Fly Key can be applied to any key type, but will use a different number of DVE channel resources depending on the type of key (video plus alpha).

Keep the following in mind when working with DVE keys:

  • You can fly any type of key.
  • You can fly any combination of keys in an ME.
  • You cannot fly a Mix/DSK key.
  • Self Keys, Auto Select Keys, and Chroma Keys require 2 DVE channel resources to fly. One channel for the fill and the other for the alpha.
  • To use a Preset Pattern Key without the DVE key mode, press FLY KEY to disable the DVE mode.
  • If FLY KEY is enabled, changing the key type to something other than Preset Pattern automatically turns the DVE key mode off.
  • The ME and Keyer that a DVE menu is assigned to are shown at the top of the menu.
  • You can switch between a 2D and 3D DVE key by pressing the 2D or 3D button on the DVE menus.
Tip: The DVE Menu button on all of the DVE menus allows you to quickly navigate between the different DVE menus.