DVE Channel Management

You can assign additional channels to each key as long as there are sufficient DVE channel resources available. These additional channels can have different sources and positions, but must be the same key type and be in the same keyer. The channels in this combined key can be manipulated separately or together.

To manipulate both channels together, you can select both channels at the same time. Both channels can be selected when using any of the 3D tools such as crop, position, or rotation. If the channels selected have different values, for example, different positions in 3D space, the menu indicates that the values are different and no position, rotation, or cropping coordinates are displayed. The selected channel is highlighted on the Channel button.

Up to two channel resources are dedicated to each key. This allows you to fly a key, or combine two preset pattern keys in the keyer. Preset pattern keys only use a single DVE channel resource and all other key types use two.