Chroma Key Alpha and Color Map

Adjusting a chroma key can be difficult when looking at the actual video signals. Some adjustments have very subtle effect on the image. Using an Alpha or Color Map preview gives you a visual representation of the various parts of your UltraChrome chroma key and makes for easier adjustments. The Alpha and Color Map previews use the Preview output of the selected ME to show a representation of the Alpha (used by the Keyer to mix the key with the underlying background video) or a color-coded representation of the different UltraChrome regions. The Preview output shows the representation in the foreground of the Preview, but not over top of the Preview Overlay.

Tip: The Color Map can also be assigned to a configurable program output.

Turn the Color Map (Color Map) or Show Alpha (Alpha) on from the UltraChome menu 2-2. The preview output of the ME changes to the Color Map or Alpha. Both the Color Map and Show Alpha cannot be turned on at the same time.

Table 1. Color Map Areas Legend
Color Basic Advanced
Red n/a Background and Shadow
Green n/a Translucent
Black Foreground
Blue Spill Suppression
Gray Background Transition