Chroma Key Fine Tuning Tips

The following are some helpful fine tuning tips and tricks that can help you improve the quality of your chroma key. These tips assume you are using the Basic Mode to adjust your chroma key.

Problem Solution
The foreground key is semi-transparent, showing unwanted background. If the semi-transparent areas are white (grey areas that don’t have saturated colors) adjust the Foreground-Clip. This moves non-saturated (greys) from the background to the foreground. You can use the Color Map to help determine which areas are background, and which are foreground.
If the semi-transparent areas are due to background color spill, reduce the Foreground-Reject. This moves saturated colors from the background to the foreground spill suppress area of the color wheel.
The background isn’t cleanly keyed out. Reduce the Background-Gain. You can use the Show Alpha feature to see how well the background is being keyed out. If adjusting the Background-Gain is not enough, change the Edge-Sensitivity to Low.
Foreground key has unwanted color shifts. Reduce the Spill Suppress-Range.