The AuxKey™ option turns a panel row into an Aux Mixer, or Mixer/Keyer. In the AuxKey mode, you set up transitions using the Background, Preset, and Key buses and then perform transitions and key effects using the Transition and Keyers modules of the panel row.

There are two types of AuxKeys, AuxKey Mixers and AuxKey Mixer/Keyers. Depending on which one is assigned to the aux bus you are using, you will have different functionality.

Although the operation of the AuxKey is similar to that of the existing ME, there are some notable differences as follows:

  • AuxKeys can only perform Cuts or Dissolves.
  • AuxKeys have independent transition rates for the Background and Keyer transitions.
  • You can only preview your next shot by connecting a preview monitor to the aux bus preview output.
  • AuxKey Keyers can only perform Auto Select and Self Keys.
  • AuxKey Keyers have only one Keyer per AuxKey.