To Set the LTC Timecode Source

If you are using an external timecode generator, an offset, or delay, is applied to the incoming timecode signal before it is stored in the LiveEDL data file. If you are using an internal timecode, the offset is the starting time that the switcher uses for the timecode that is stored in the LiveEDL file.

Note: If a valid timecode signal is detected on the LTC port on the frame, the external timecode will be used even if an internal timecode is set.
  1. Press MENU > System > NEXT > NEXT > NEXT > LivEDL Config > NEXT.
  2. Use the Offset knob to select the source of the timecode data you want to use.
    • Ext. — the timecode data received on the LTC port is used
    • Int. — an internal timecode is generated
  3. Set the timecode offset for an External timecode as follows:
    1. Use the LTCOff knob to select the offset, in frames, that you want to delay the incoming timecode signal by.
  4. Set the starting time for an Internal timecode as follows:
    1. Use the Field knob to select the hours, minutes, or seconds that you want to adjust.
      The timecode is shown in the [HH:MM:SS] format.
    2. Use the Value knob to set the starting time in the selected field.