LiveEDL Data Capture

Capturing EDL data is manually started and stopped from the switcher. When you select to start capturing EDL data, and GPI outputs set to trigger on start are triggered. If a pre-delay has been set for the GPIs, the switcher does not start capturing EDL data until the pre-delay time has finished.

When you stop capturing EDL data, you have the option to delete the data, or save it to a USB drive. You can also connect to the switcher via FTP and download the files directly to your editing suite. Use the username liveedl and password password to create the FTP connection to the switcher.

Keep the following in mind when reviewing the EDL data from the switcher:

  • When a MediaWipe is selected as the transition type, the switcher records the transition duration as the cut point frame multiplied by two (2). This is to ensure that the cut point is recorded accurately.