Getting Started

Graphite is an all-in-one server using the Windows® 7 operating system and running the XPression Graphite and XPression Clips applications with the Carbonite Black switcher sub-system running on an expansion card. The switcher sub-system gets power from the server and shares information with the XPression applications but does not require operating system to function. As soon as the server is powered on the switcher subsystem boots up and will be fully functional. You can control the switcher sub-system using a Carbonite Black control panel or DashBoard without having to log into Windows®.

To control the XPression or XPression Clips applications you must log into Windows®. When the server boots up and Windows® launches you are presented with two login accounts. Select XPression as the user and password as the password.

  • User — XPression
  • Password — password