Each frame can be controlled by to up to three (3) control panels at the same time. These panels can be of different sizes and can be assigned different ME resources and have independent personality settings. Panel personality settings are a subset of the full personality settings of the switcher.

A single control panel can be connected to the frame using a serial connection and up to two panels over ethernet. The ethernet connection can be from a Carbonite Black control panel, or a Carbonite panel with a CarboNET.

Note: MultiPanel permissions can only be set from a control panel.

Keep the following in mind:

Keep the following in mind when working with MultiPanel:

  • A serial connected panel will always be designated as the master panel.
  • The assignment of the panel ID is done from the Carbonite Black control panel or the CarboNET, except if the panel is connected using the serial connection.
  • Control panel specific personality settings are stored on the frame for the panel ID and are not tied to the control panel.
  • DashBoard automatically follows the master panel but will ignore permissions set for the master panel.
  • If you change switcher modes, the MultiPanel permissions may have to be set again.
  • An undo of a memory recall ignores panel permissions and will undo the last memory recalled from any panel.
  • Bus maps are specific to each control panel. Creating or updating a bus map for one control panel does not change the bus map on another control panel.
  • Custom controls ignore control panel permissions and will run events on an ME, MiniME™, or MultiScreen that the control panel does not have permission for.