File Naming

The file name can be up to 32 characters in length, but should be up to a maximum of 12 characters, so that it can be displayed on the menus properly. The name can contain letters, numbers, spaces, dashes, underscores, and, periods, but should not contain symbols.

If you are naming an animation, each file must be numbered in the sequence that it will play out. The following restrictions apply to file names for animations:

  • Each file must use a 2-digit to 5-digit number, including all the leading zeros.
  • Each file in the sequence must have the same numbering scheme.
  • The first file in a sequence must be numbered 0.
  • The file name and number must be separated by an _.
  • Audio files and video files must have the same name to be associated with each other.
For example, a 90-frame animation would start with Anim_0000.tga and end with Anim_0089.tga