Positioner Module

This module supports the positioner that is used to manipulate the position of wipes, patterns, flying keys, and other menu knob values marked with arrows.

Table 1. Positioner Module Button Functions
Button Function
HOLD Allows you to lock the positioner module to the element that it is currently controlling. When locked (held), the button is lit, and the positioner module does not act on the normal auto-follow commands, such as when you select a robotic camera.
LINK Allows you to add and remove elements that are being controlled by the positioner module. To add an element, press and hold the LINK button, and then press the SEL or crosspoint button for the element you want to add. The LINK button lights if more than one element is being controlled by the positioner. If you select another element that the positioner would auto-follow, the current link settings are lost. An example of linking would be to link two flying keys together from separate keyers. Double-press the LINK button show all the items that are linked to the positioner.
CLEAR Allows you to center the position and location of a flying key, or what is selected on a keyer, ME, or aux bus.
Positioner Button The button on top of the positioner allows you to cycle through what the positioner is controlling. What menu items are cycled through depends on the menu you are in.