Panel Rows

A Panel Row is used to select video sources for the Background, Preset and Keyers of the ME, Aux Bus, or AuxKey that the panel row is assigned to. Each Panel Row is made up of four buses of source buttons, Keyers Module, Memory Module, and Transition Module by default. The functionality of each of these components depends on what the Panel Row is assigned to, an ME or Aux Bus for example.

Figure: Double-Down Module Shown

The number of crosspoint buttons and modules that are assigned to the Panel Row depends on how the individual modules are mapped. What each row is assigned to is shown on the mnemonic button to the right of the source button row.

Note: If you do not have the Double-Down control panel, the display to the right of the source buttons shows what the button rows are assigned to, and there is only a single key bus.
Tip: To quickly assign a button row to a bus on the Double-Down panel, press and hold one of the mnemonic buttons and select the source button that corresponds to the bus you want to assign the button row to. When you press and hold the mnemonic button, the mnemonics for that button row show what bus each source button is assigned to.
Tip: To quickly assign a button row to a bus on the standard panel, press and hold the SEL button and use the source buttons on the background and key bus to select which ME, key, or aux you want to assign the row to.
Tip: You can assign a particular Aux Bus to a Quick Preset to allow it to be quickly selected. Select the Aux Bus you want to assign, press Assign As Preset and then press the preset button on the left that you want to assign it to.