Global Memory Module

This module is used to store and recall memories, set attributes, and set rates for any or all MEs on the switcher. Using the keypad you can also load stills into the Global-Store or ME-Store, load clips on a server, or run a custom control.

Table 1. Memory Module Button Functions
Button Function
ALL Allows you to select all the MEs for a store or recall.
ME X Allows you to select individual MEs for a store or recall. Press and hold an ME button and then select the other MEs you want to include. Use the +4 button to access MEs 5 through 8.
UNDO Allows you to undo the last memory recall. The UNDO button lights up after each memory recall, indicating that the action can be undone. If you perform 10 or more button presses after the memory recall, the UNDO button goes out, and the memory can no longer be recalled.
RECALL CLIP/CC Allows you to either recall a clip on the selected device using a Clip ID or Clip Number by entering it using the keypad on the Global Memory module, or run a custom control by entering the bank and custom control number. The functionality of the Recall Clip/CC button is set using the CC Global Recall personality option.
ATTRIB Allows you to view the memory attributes menu, or override the attributes stored with the memory with the default attribute settings. To override attributes, press and hold the ATTRIB button while recalling the memory.
KEYS ONLY Allows you to recall a memory on a panel row that does not include the program and preset bus selections. Only the keyer selections are recalled.
EFF DISS Allows you to have the keys from one memory slew into the keys from the one you are recalling.
RUN CC +/- Allows you to run a custom control that you have recalled using the RECALL CC button.
BANK Allows you to select the bank that you want to store, or recall, a memory register to.
CLEAR Allows you to clear your current entry. For example, if you are entering a memory register to recall, but then decide not to recall the memory, you can press the CLEAR button to return the Global Memory module to the previous state.
+4 Allows you to select an ME above ME 4. When the +4 button is held, the ME 1 through ME 4 buttons become ME 5 through ME 8 buttons respectively. For example, if you want to select ME 6, press and hold the +4 button on, and press ME 2. Both the ME 2 and +4 buttons will remain lit.
FADE RATE Allows you to set a new fade to black rate.
EFF RATE Allows you to set a new effects dissolve rate for the ME.
ME RATE Allows you to set a new background transition rate for the ME.
KEY RATE Allows you to set a new keyers transition rate for the ME.