Custom Control Bus

These buttons (the top buttons on the row) are used to record and run custom controls. When a custom control has been recorded to one of these buttons, you can press that button to play, or run, that custom control. Multiple banks of custom controls can be accessed from this single row of buttons. Refer to Custom Controls for information on using custom controls.

On the Double-Down panels there are six function buttons to the right of the row that allow you to perform specific custom control functions.

Figure: Double-Down Module Shown

Table 1. Custom Control Bus Function Buttons
Button Function
Pause (Hold) allows you to insert a pause or hold into a custom control you are recording, without using the menu system.
Record allows you to record a custom control without using the menu system.
Delete allows you to delete a custom control. Press and hold the Delete button and press the custom control button for the custom control you want to delete. Press the custom control button again to confirm the deletion.
Bank allows you to select any custom control bank without assigning each bank to a custom control button.
Stop CC allows you to stop a, or all, running custom controls. The Stop CC command cannot stop a custom control that is at hold.
Attach allows you to turn the CC/Macro Attachments personality option on or off.