VTR Extra Options

Option Value
Decode NAKs Select whether the switcher decodes the NAK messages sent from the VTR to the switcher (Yes), or not (No). The NAK messages must be decoded for the switcher to act on them. You should only select no if you are encountering problems using the Play command with your device or as advised by Ross Video Technical Support.
NPlayRetries Select the number of times the switcher attempts to send a Play command to the VTR.
Request TC Select whether the switcher request timecode information from the VTR (Yes), or not (No). If the timecode information is returned from the VTR, it is displayed on the Remote Control menu and preview overlay.
TargetMachine Select the video server that you are assigning to the selected communications port.
Wait nFields Select the length of time the switcher waits before assuming that a Play command failed, or was not received by the VTR.