Audio Mixer Extra Options

Option Value
Channel Label Select where the switcher gets the names for audio channels.
  • Switcher — name stored on the switcher.
  • Channel ID — channel ID from the audio mixer.
  • User Label — user assigned channel name from the audio mixer.
  • Fixed Label — input channel number from the audio mixer.
  • InheritedLabel — source signal name from the audio mixer.
Converter Select the MIDI to Serial converter that you are using to connect to the audio mixer.
  • MIDIator — MIDIator™ Systems MS-124W
  • SMCGearLite SMC-9901
Freq Select the length of time, in fields, that the switcher will wait between polling the audio mixer for status information.
Max Channels Select the maximum number of channels installed on your audio mixer.
Mixers Select the number of audio mixers you are connecting together and controlling from the same communications port. You can connect up to two audio mixers together to a single serial communications port.
OD Master Select the master level on the audio mixer that the switcher, and the OverDrive Production Control System, should be controlling.
PGM Output Select the master level control the switcher is assigned to.
Delay Set the length of time, in fields, after a fader is set from the switcher that the switcher ignores movements of that fader from the audio mixer.
Version Select the version number of the audio mixer you are connecting to the selected communications port.
Pairing Select whether the audio channels are paired horizontally (Horizontal) or vertically (Vertical).