Robotic Camera Extra Options

Option Value
Base Select whether the camera controller starts counting connected camera heads at 0 or 1.
Check timeout Select whether the switcher checks for a device timeout (Yes) or ignores the timeout (No).
CmdDelay Select the length of time, in 16ms increments, that the switcher waits between sending commands to the camera.
Focus Speed Select the maximum focus speed.
Iris Control Select whether you want the iris of the camera controlled by the lens (Lens), or the camera controller (Camera).
Iris Mode Select whether the size of the iris opening is changed by the velocity at which the iris ring is turned (Velocity), or incrementally by value (Incremental).
Iris Res Select the number of bits in the camera control signal. Different camera head controllers use different numbers of bits. Choose the value that gives you a 100% display when the iris is fully open.
Iris Speed Select the speed at which the iris opens and closes.
Lens Type Select whether the camera is using a Rainbow-CCTV lens (Rainbow), or a Fujinon/Canon Telcon lens (Fujinon).
Master Ped Add (Yes) or remove (No) the Pedestal (Black) button from the Camera Head Control menu.
Model Select the make and model of camera head you are controlling using the VISCA protocol.
  • Generic — camera head supporting VISCA but not listed below.
  • Sony BRC-300 — select for a Sony® BRC-300 and BRC-300p camera heads.
  • Sony BRC-700 — select for a Sony® BRC-H700 camera head.
  • Sony BRC-900 — select for a Sony® BRC-900 camera head.
  • Ross PIVOTCam — select for a Ross® PIVOTCam-20 camera head.
Pan/Tilt Damping Select the amount of damping you want on pan and tilt movements. The higher the value, the more damping is applied.
Pan/Tilt Speed Select the maximum pan and tilt speed. The higher the value, the faster the pan and tilt speed.
Panel ID Select a unique ID that the camera uses to identify the switcher.
Pan Speed Select the maximum pan speed for the camera head.
Poll Select whether only the currently selected camera is polled (Selected), or all cameras are polled (All). We recommend that you only use Selected if instructed to do so by Ross Video Technical Support.
Protocol Select the protocol that is used by the positioner on your camera controller.
  • Level 0 — disable joystick/positioner control.
  • Level 1 — enable Pan, Tilt, Zoom, and Focus control.
  • Level 3 — enable Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Iris, Mped (Black Level) and Elevation control.
  • Level 4 — enable all for controls of Level 3, plus Shot Store.
Protocol Select whether the camera is being controlled using a Serial or IP protocol.
RclTime Select the amount of time that the switcher allows for a camera to recall a shot.
Select Delay Select the length of time, in fields, that the switcher will wait after selecting a camera.
SerialSwitch Select the type of serial switch you are using to connect to your camera.
  • STS-12 — assign an STS-12 Serial Control Transfer Switch to the selected port.
  • CP-RMR-S — assign a CP-RMR-S Serial Receiver to the selected port.
  • DS-4 — assign a DS-4 Device Server to the selected port.
ShotOffset Select whether shots are indexed based on 0 or 1.
Tally Select whether the tally light on the camera is controlled by the switcher (Yes) or not (No).
Tilt Speed Select the maximum tilt speed for the camera head.
Zoom Speed Select the maximum zoom speed.
Z Speed Select the speed that height or elevation changes are performed.