UMD Extra Options

Option Value
Add Header Select whether to include header data when communicating to a TCP device (Header) or not include the data for a serial device (No Header). If you are using a DeviceMaster® to communicate with a serial device
Brightness Select the brightness value (0 to 3) that is sent to the UMD device.
Invert Selects whether the tallies are displays with preview on the left and program on the right (Standard) or as preview on the right and program on the left (Inverted).
Justify Select how the mnemonic names are justified on the output (Left, Right, or Center).
MV Names Select whether the switcher shows the mnemonic names from the UMD device on the MultiViewer (ON) or the internal source names (OFF). The labels for the MultiViewer boxes must be turned on to see the names.
Rate Select whether the switcher sends 1 (Slow) or 70 (Fast) messages per field to the UMD device.
Screen Select the address of the screen that you want to send the information to (0 to 65535).
Version Select the version of the TSL protocol you want to use.