Character Generator Extra Options

Option Value
BackToBack Have the switcher pre-load the second CG page if OverDrive® has back-to-back CG pages in a rundown (Yes), or pause to load the second CG page in a back-to-back rundown (No).
Def Chan Name Select whether the default channel name (Yes), or the input source name (No) is used as the mnemonic name.
Display Mode Select whether a CG template is taken on-air as soon as the Take command is sent (Immediately), or the template is hidden until the Play command is sent (On Trigger).
PlayTime Select the maximum duration for playing an animation, in seconds.
Show On PV Have a CG page shown on the preview of the CG when it is prepped by OverDrive® (Yes), or have it not shown on preview when it is prepped (No).
Software Ver Select the version of software being used on your CG. The options depend on the CG you are using.
Timeout Set the length of time that the switcher will wait for a response from a CG before reporting communication lost.