Server Setup for Replay

You must configure the hardware channels for one of the ISO modes that meet your requirements. This configuration is based on the number of channels you have and how you want to use them. Use the information in the following table to pick a mode.

Cameras Playout Channels
IOS2 2 2
IOS3 3 1
IOS4 4 0
IOS2 ×2 2 2
IOS3 ×2 3 1
IOS4 ×2 4 0
IOS5 5 2
IOS6 6 2
IOS7 7 1
IOS8 8 0
3D IOS2 2 (3D) 2 (3D)
3D IOS3 3 (3D) 1 (3D)
Note: You can configure the 8-Channel server for two users by creating a second replay event with channels you aren't using in the first replay event, or you can share a single replay event across both Control Surfaces. You must pick an ISO mode with enough total channels to meet your needs.