Control Surface Connection

The Control Surface connects to the server over a standard CAT5 ethernet cable. The cable provides both communications and power (PoE - Power over Ethernet). A PoE Injector must be used to supply the power. Refer to the QuickStart poster than came with your system for cabling details.

You can connect up to two users to the 8-Channel Mira. The 4-Channel Mira can only support a single user. When setting up the second user you must extend the Windows® desktop to a second monitor attached to the server for the second user. An additional Control Surface can be connected to one of the available ethernet ports on the server with another PoE injector to provide power for the unit.

To operate with two users you can either share a single replay event between the two, or create two separate replay events.

Note: If you want to use a keyboard with the second Control Surface, connect it to the USB port on the Control Surface, instead of to the server.