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Important instructions for the cleaning and disinfecting of your Control Surface.
Hardware ports, cabling, and installation, as well as logging in to Windows® and Mira Explorer, setting permissions, remote services, and an introduction to the optional Control Surface and replay server.
Setup of channel allocation, video format, video codecs, timecode, audio and video routing, remote communications and more.
The Mira Import file import utility converts all imported media files to the current video output format that the server is operating in.
Mira Explorer is a Windows® application that provides a graphical interface to the operation of the server. Although this application allows you to control the operation of the server, it does not need to be running for the server to operate.
Each channel in the server has a dedicated channel transport in Mira Explorer that is used to load, play, record, and seek within clips. Clips are loaded into the channel transport from the Clip Library.
Use the clip library to organise and sort clips.
The Mira/Mira+ can operate as a replay server with the addition of the Mira Control Surface which allows quick interaction with the replay interface.
A replay event puts the server into replay operation. The incoming video signals from the cameras are continuously being recorded for use in a replay. When an event you want to replay occurs, you can seek to the start of the action that you want to replay and play it out of one of the playout channels.
The replay operation uses a replay event that is opened on a Control Surface. The replay event requires channels on the server to be set to replay (ISO), and the Control Surface to be assigned to playout channels.
You can quickly create a mark point of the active camera to mark an event that you can come back to later. Creating the mark point automatically creates a point of interest (POI), in-point, and out-point based on the Auto-Mark IN/OUT setting of the User Setup.
You can export a clip from the Clip Library to a number of formats for use in an external device.
Server resources, video specifications, power rating, and port pinouts.