Ultrix Commands

The Ultrix router can be controlled from a remote editor or computer via RossTalk commands. These commands can be sent to the router over an ethernet connection.

Sending RossTalk Commands to Ultrix

Ultrix accepts RossTalk commands over ethernet on port 7788. This allows you to perform various functions such as triggering a GPI or operating a timer.

Tip: Ultrix automatically accepts RossTalk commands on port 7788.

To Send RossTalk Commands to Ultrix

Note: Each command should be terminated by a carriage return and a line feed (CR/LF).
  1. Create a network connection to the router on port 7788.
    Tip: If you are using multiple RossTalk connections, it is recommended that you increment the port number for each device.
  2. At the prompt, enter the commands you want to send to the router.

Ultrix Supported RossTalk Commands

The router supports a number of RossTalk commands. The exact commands and how the router reacts to the commands is outlined in the following table.

Note: All commands are case sensitive.
Table 1. RossTalk Commands
Command Description
GPI XX Send the fire command for salvo XX. For example, GPI 23 sends the command to fire salvo 23.
TIMER XX:END Send the end command for clock XX. For example, TIMER 4:END sends the end command for timer 4.
TIMER XX:PAUSE Send the pause command for clock XX. For example, TIMER 1:PAUSE sends the pause command for timer 1.
TIMER XX:RUN Send the run command for clock XX. For example, TIMER 3:RUN sends the run command for timer 3.
TIMER XX:STOP Send the stop command for clock XX. For example, TIMER 2:STOP sends the stop command for timer 2.
XPT D:vid-dest S:vid-source I:user-id L:levels User or panel number (user-id) is requesting the video source (vid-source) be selected on destination (vid-dest) on levels (levels). For example, XPT D:5 S:16 I:7 L:1,6,10-13 selects source 16 on destination 5 for levels 1, 6, and 10 through 13 with the request coming from user/panel ID 7. Each argument is separated by a space. Multiple levels are separated by a comma, with no spaces, and can include ranges. Levels are optional and don't need to be included.