openGear® Commands

The MDK-111A-M, MDK-111A-K, and MC1-MK can each be controlled from a remote editor or computer via RossTalk commands. These commands can be sent to these openGear® cards over an ethernet connection (TCP/UDP) or via a serial port (RS-232/RS-422) on the rear module of the card.

Sending RossTalk Commands to openGear®

The openGear® cards accept RossTalk commands over ethernet on port 7788 or through a direct serial connection. This allows you to perform various functions such as triggering a GPI, or sending commands to the cards, such as transitioning a key.

To Send RossTalk Commands to an openGear® Card

Note: Each command should be terminated by a carriage return and a line feed (CR/LF).
  1. From the Tree View, expand the node for the card you want to access.
  2. Select the Config tab.
  3. Select the Remote Control tab.
  4. Select the type of communication you want to use.
    • Serial — locate the Serial Port area and select RossTalk from the Protocol menu.
    • Ethernet — locate the RossTalk row in the Ethernet Port area and select the ethernet protocol you want to use.
  5. Configure the port.
    • Serial — select the Port Type, Bit Rate, Data Bits, Parity, and Stop Bits settings.
    • Ethernet — use the factory default settings.
  6. Enable the port.
    • Serial — select the Port Enabled check box.
    • Ethernet — select the RossTalk Enabled check box.

To Send RossTalk Commands an openGear® Card

Note: Each command should be terminated by a carriage return and a line feed (CR/LF).

Commands can be sent directly through a telnet connection or any other application that can send ASCII commands.

  1. Create a network connection to the switcher on port 7788.
    Tip: If you are using multiple RossTalk connections, it is recommended that you increment the port number for each device.
  2. At the prompt, enter the commands you want to send.

openGear® Supported RossTalk Commands

The openGear® cards supports a number of RossTalk commands. The exact commands and how the card reacts to the commands is outlined in the following table.

Note: All commands and file names are case sensitive.
Table 1. RossTalk Commands
Command Description
FTB Performs a fade-to-black transition. (Not supported on the MDK-111A-K.)
GPI gpi Trigger the GPI input gpi. This is treated as if the GPI input were triggered externally. For example, GPI 8 triggers GPI input 8.
KEYAUTO 1:keyer Performs an auto transition of keyer number (keyer). For example, KEYAUTO 1:2 triggers an auto transition of key 2.
KEYCUT 1:keyer Performs a cut of keyer number (keyer). For example, KEYCUT 1:1 triggers a cut of key 1.
MSPATH channel:0:file-name Loads a media file (file-name) from the CompactFlash® (0) into Logo channel number (channel). For example, MSPATH 4:0:Logo/Ross_LOGO.png loads the media file called Ross_LOGO.png from the Logo directory into channel 4.
VGPIARM vgpi:arm Arm (arm = 1) or disarm (arm = 0 or 2) the effect number (vgpi) on preset.
VGPISTATE vgpi:state Takes the effect number (vgpi) on-air (state = 1) or off-air (state = 0).