MultiViewer Output Formats

Depending on the format the switcher is operating in, the MultiViewer may output a different video format than the switcher is operating in.

Switcher Video Format MultiViewer Format
480i 1080i 59.94Hz
576i 1080i 50Hz
720p 59.94Hz 720p 59.94Hz
720p 50Hz 720p 50Hz
1080i 50Hz 1080i 50Hz
1080i 59.94Hz 1080i 59.94Hz
1080pSF 23.98Hz 1080pSF 23.98Hz*
1080pSF 25Hz 1080i 50Hz
1080pSF 29.97Hz 1080i 59.94Hz
1080p 25Hz 1080p 25Hz
1080p 29.97Hz 1080p 29.97Hz
1080p 50Hz 1080p 50Hz
1080p 59.94Hz 1080p 59.94Hz
Note: * For the HDMI™ output the MultiViewer output is set to 1080p 23.98Hz