Switcher Sets

The switcher stores configuration and operation data in a number of registers that contain the individual entries for items such as memories or personality settings. These registers can be stored as a single archive file, or as a register set that contains all the individual register of that type; all memories for example. These files are stored into Sets on USB drive. Different Sets can be created for different shows or applications, allowing you to quickly locate and recall the switcher configurations.

The switcher stores information in the following registers:

  • Memory — contains all the memories for ME, MiniME™, and MultiScreen.
  • Custom Control — contains all the custom control banks and macros.
  • Personality — contains all the user interface settings, such as transition rates, that are stored under the PERS menu. Some personality settings are specific to the control panel and can be stored independently if you are working with a MultiPanel system.
  • Installation — contains all the external device setup, and software settings for the switcher.