To Load a Set

Switcher Sets can only be loaded from a USB drive. The USB drive must be present before you try to load the settings.

  1. Insert your USB drive into the USB Port on the frame or control panel. You must wait 5 seconds for the switcher to recognise the USB drive.
  2. Press MENU > Load.
  3. Press Frame-USB or Panel-USB to load the set file from the USB drive installed into the frame or control panel.
  4. Use the All knob to select the set (0-9) you want to load the switcher registers from.
  5. Press the selected set. Only registers with an (*) shown on the menu exist in the set.
    • All — recall all registers from the set.
    • Mems — recall only the memory registers from the set.
    • Cust — recall only the custom control registers from the set.
    • Inst — recall only the installation registers from the set.
    • Pers — recall only the personality registers from the set. Use the Pers knob to select whether to include the personality setting for all panels (PersA) or only a specific panel (PersM/1/2).
  6. Press Confrm.