To Store a Set

Switcher Sets can only be stored to a USB drive. The USB drive must be present before you try to store the Set. A total of 10 Sets of switcher setup information can be stored onto the same USB drive.

  1. Insert a USB drive into the USB Port on the frame or control panel. You must wait 5 seconds for the switcher to recognise the USB drive.
  2. Press MENU > Save.
  3. Press Frame-USB or Panel-USB to save the set file to the USB drive installed into the frame or control panel.
  4. Use the All knob to select the set (0-9) you want to store the switcher registers to.
  5. Press the knob to select the registers you want to store to the selected set. If an (*) is shown on the menu, that register already exist in the set and will be overwritten.
    • All — store all registers to the set.
    • Mems — store only the memory registers to the set.
    • Cust — store only the custom control registers to the set.
    • Inst — store only the installation registers to the set.
    • PersX — store only the personality registers to the set. Use the Pers knob to select whether to include the personality setting for all panels (PersA) or only the current panel (PersM/1/2).
  6. Press Confrm.