To Assign a GPI Output to a Video Source

You can set a pre-delay, or pre-roll, that will specify when the GPI is triggered in relation to taking the video source on-air. This is useful for VTR pre-roll delay and other situations where an input source is not immediately ready to be taken to air. The RlClip knob must be set to On to trigger the GPI output with the transition.

Note: You cannot assign a GPI output to Aux bus special sources (AUX PGM, AUX PV, AUX CLN).
  1. Click Navigation Menu > Configuration > Inputs > Physical.
  2. Click the GPO button for the video source that you want to assign a GPI output to.

    When you select this source on a bus, the GPI output will trigger automatically.

  3. Click the GPI output that you want to assign to the selected video source.
  4. In the Predelay field, enter the pre-delay interval (in frames) that the switcher waits after the GPI output is triggered before taking the input source on-air.