To Apply a DVE to a Key (Fly Key)

The DVE resources for this key may not be available. Depending on how your switcher is configured, you may be asked to steal the resources from another element, or be prevented from using the resources.

You should set up your key as you want it before applying the Fly Key.

  1. Click Navigation Menu > Live Assist > ME and select the ME and key that you want to set up.
  2. Click DVE and click On.
  3. Use the X-Position, Y-Position, and Size sliders in the Positioning area to position and size the key.
  4. Use the Aspect slider to adjust the aspect ration of the key.
  5. Use the Size and Softness sliders in the Border area to apply a border to the key.

    Refer to the section To Apply a Border to a DVE Key for information on borders.

  6. Use the Left and Right sliders to crop the left and right sides of the key.
  7. Use the Top and Bottom sliders to crop the upper and lower sides of the key.
  8. Click Mask to apply a mask to the key.