To Apply a Border to a DVE Key

  1. Click Navigation Menu > Live Assist > ME and select the ME and key that you want to set up.
    Tip: You can use the same procedure for a MiniME™ or MultiScreen.
  2. Click Key Source and select the video signal you want to use for the key.
  3. Click DVE.
  4. Use the Size slider in the Border area to turn on the border and adjust the size of the border around the key.
  5. Use the Softness slider to adjust the softness of the border.
  6. Select a default or custom color for the border.
    • Default — click one of the preset colors.
    • Custom — click the arrow to the right of the Border Color area and use the Hue, Saturation, and Lightness sliders to select your own color. Click OK to apply the color or Live to apply it in real-time.