Roll Clip Mode

Determines how the ROLL CLIP button behaves when a server is selected on the preview bus. This setting is applied to all MEs on the switcher.

Press HOME > Setup > Personality and use the Option knob to select Roll Clip Mode.

Note: The option is locked to Arm if OverDrive® is controlling the switcher.
  • Play — allows you to play a server clip directly by pressing the ROLL CLIP button on the Transition module. Once pressed, the clip will start to play and will have to be taken on-air manually with a transition.
  • Arm — allows you to have the server play the clip with the next transition performed in the Transition module that the ROLL CLIP button is on, or lit, in. This can be used to roll multiple servers if they are re-entered. Once pressed, the clip will only start to play when a cut or auto transition is performed. You can also play the clip by double-pressing the crosspoint button on the same ME.
  • Armed Always — locks the switcher in Arm mode and does not allow the ROLL CLIP button to be turned off.