Auto Follow

You can set parts of an ME or Aux Bus to follow the operation of another part. For example, you can have one Transition module follow another, a Keyer bus follow another Keyer bus, or have an entire ME or Aux Bus follow another. Both parts of the auto follow must be of the same type, a crosspoint bus can only follow another crosspoint bus.

Operations, such as crosspoint selection or transitions, that are performed on one part are repeated on the other part.

Table 1. Supported Auto Follow Actions
Module Action
Memory Memory Recall
Memory Store
Reset ME (Store+Recall)
Keyer Cut and Auto Transitions
Next Transition Selection on same ME only
Transition Next Transition Selection
Transition Type
Cut, Auto, Fader Transitions
Preset Black
Key Priority
Transition Limit
Roll Clip
Transition PV
Bus Source Selection

Auto follow actions only echo commands, and do not echo the state. For example, if a transition is performed on an ME, the auto follow ME also performs a transition, regardless of what is currently on-air on that ME. If key 1 is on-air on ME 1 but off-air on ME 2, the transition takes key 1 off-air on ME 1, but on-air on ME 2.

If a memory register contains different setting on each ME, the local settings will be used. Auto Recall for memories only ensures that the same memory register is recalled on the Echo To ME. For example, if memory register 09 is recalled on the Echo From ME, memory register 09 is also recalled on the Echo To ME. These two memory registers may contain different settings.