Effects Dissolve

An Effects Dissolve allows you to have the switcher slew from one memory to another using a memory recall. The switcher will interpolate from the starting memory to the destination memory, creating a smooth, two keyframe effect.

Only elements such as clip level, pattern position, and DVE settings can be interpolated in the effects dissolve. Other elements, such as key priority, crosspoint selection, pattern, and next transition data are recalled first, and then the switcher will slew to the recalled memory.

The speed at which an effects dissolve is performed is either the Effect Rate. If you store an effects dissolve in a memory register, the effects dissolve rate stored with that memory is used. The effects rate of the destination memory is used for any effects dissolve. You can set a default effects dissolve rate that is used when an ME, or the switcher, is defaulted. This rate does not override the rate that is stored in the memory.