Multiple Custom Controls

A maximum of 10 custom controls can be running at the same time. These custom controls can be started manually, or by another custom control. All the custom controls will continue to play out until they reach the end, or loop.

The switcher does not track custom controls that are started as part of another custom control. Running multiple custom controls that start the same custom control, or editing a custom control that is run by another custom control, could produce unexpected results. Only Relative custom controls can have multiple instances of the same custom control running at the same time.

Tip: You can insert a Stop Other Custom Controls event that will stop all other running custom controls, except the one that is currently running.

Figure: Multiple Custom Controls Feature On

If the Multiple Custom Controls personality option is turned off, a Run Custom Control command ends the current custom control. Pressing another custom control button also stops the first custom control and starts the second.

Figure: Multiple Custom Control Feature Off