Attaching Custom Controls to Panel Buttons

You can attach a custom control to any button on the control panel or auxiliary control panel mapped to an internal panel row. This does not include the buttons on the touchscreen display, custom control bus, or Shot Box.

Custom controls are attached to the physical button on the ME, and not the function of the button. This means that if a custom control is attached to a crosspoint button, changing the bus map, or using the shifted bus, does not affect the custom control attachment to the original button. For example, if you attach a custom control to a crosspoint button on ME 1, the custom control runs if you press that button, or Shift and that button. If you assign the ME to a different panel row, the custom control attachment follows the ME to the new panel row.

If you include a button in a custom control that has another custom control attached to it, the command to run the second, attached, custom control is ignored when the initial custom control is run. This does not apply to actual custom control buttons.

Note: The CC/Macro Attachments personality option must be set to on for custom controls attached to control panel buttons to be executed when that button is pressed.

Custom controls are attached either after (Post-Attach), before (Pre-Attach), or instead-of (Replace) the function of the button.

Tip: If you attach a custom control to a crosspoint button on the keyer bus, the Show CCs on Key Bus personality option allows you to have the name of the custom control shown on the mnemonic for that button.