Ultrix Acuity Setup

The Ultrix router must be set up to support the Ultrix Acuity on the Software Defined Production Engine (SWR-SDPE) blade. This includes setup of the Ultripower units, DashBoard connections, video reference and timing, the matrix database, and the UltriScape Multi-Viewer.

Notice: Refer to the Ultrix documentation for information on setting up and operating your router.
Notice: The Ultrix FR12 frame and SDPE blades require multiple Ultripower units to be tied together in a group to provide power to the router and switcher at the same time. The Ultripower group and Manager must be set up before connecting power to the system. Refer to the documentation for your Ultripower for information on setting up groups and using the Manager.

Ensure that Ultrix is operating properly before setting up Ultrix Acuity. The following sections provide information for setting up the DashBoard connection to Ultrix, reference input, and source and destination routing to the switcher.