TouchDrive Panel Boot Mode

The TouchDrive control panel can control either an Acuity® or Carbonite based switcher by booting in either Acuity® or Carbonite mode.

If you want to connect the TouchDrive panel to an Acuity® or Carbonite switcher, you must switch the panel to boot in that mode. If the panel is in Carbonite mode and you want to connect to an Acuity® frame, you must boot up the panel, navigate to the menu and switch it to Acuity® mode.

Note: To switch between Acuity® and Carbonite modes, you must be running Acuity® v12.1a, or higher, and TouchDrive 2.1, or higher.
Note: Once you have booted the panel in the proper mode, refer to the documentation for your switcher for connecting a control panel to your frame.